A Private Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Brisbane

Now offering all insured obstetric patients “no out of pockets” and bulk billing.


Dr Martin D’Arcy-Evans is a trusted and respected private Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. He currently operates at both North West Private Hospital (Conveniently accessible for those in Everton Park) and Caboolture Private Hospital and has three consulting rooms across North Brisbane (North Lakes, Everton Park and Caboolture).


Dr Martin D’Arcy-Evans is an experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has over 30 years’ experience in both public and private practice.

Bulk Billing

Having worked in the field for over 30 years, Dr D’Arcy-Evans has acknowledged the financial burden privately insured patients have to endure as a result of the out of pocket expenses from specialist obstetric services in Brisbane. He has identified an important need in the community to provide affordable options to privately insured patients and is now able to offer ZERO out-of-pocket expenses, including bulk billing of consultations (antenatal and postnatal) and bulk billing for the planning and management fee. Delivery fee is billed NO GAP as per patients private health fund. To learn more on Bulk Billed Obstetrics. Concessional rates are offered to some gynaecological patients, contact our consulting rooms for more information.

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About Dr Martin D’Arcy-Evans

Dr Martin D’Arcy-Evans

A Trusted Private Gynaecologist and Obstetrician for Brisbane

Over 30 years Experience
Dr Martin D’Arcy-Evans has over 30 years’ experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. After finishing his training at Monash University Melbourne he continued his training in the UK at Liverpool Maternity & Women’s Hospitals and St Bartholomew’s Hospital London. Following his training in the UK, Dr D’Arcy-Evans returned to Brisbane, Australia, where he spent 10 years in the Redcliffe and Caboolture Health Services as a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. During his time in the public health system, Dr D’Arcy-Evans was very active in practice, research, teaching and supervising of junior doctors. He was also very active in training doctors to become specialists, as Training Supervisor and Training and Accreditation Committee member of the College (RANZCOG).
Private Practice
In late 2005, Dr D’Arcy-Evans was invited to join North West Private Hospital in full private practice and ever since has been one of the busiest specialists, having delivered over 2000 babies at this site. For Dr Martin D’Arcy-Evans, experiencing and witnessing the birth of a baby is a sense of pride that never wears off. He also has a passion for the field of women’s health and aims to deliver the highest level of care for his patients. Dr D’Arcy-Evans prides himself on offering treatments that transform a patient’s life by improving their wellbeing and lifestyle. Dr D’Arcy-Evans works at both North West Private Hospital and Caboolture Private Hospital—situated in Brisbane North.
Patient Trust and Respect
Dr D’Arcy-Evans practice philosophy is based on patient trust and respect. He is very compassionate and professional and seeks patient autonomy. In private practice for 10 years and with experience of over 30 years, Dr D’Arcy-Evans continues to help women at various stages in their life achieve the results they are after by pursuing best modern practice and acknowledging that knowledge in the medical field is constantly evolving and improving. He is continually improving his knowledge and skill by attending the key medical college conferences both nationally and internationally.
Qualifications and Memberships
  • International Urogynaecological Association
  • UroGynaecological Society of Australia
  • MRCOG (London. Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists)
  • FRANZCOG (Australian & New Zealand College)
  • MBBS (Monash University, Melbourne)
  • Australian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery Society
  • ANZ Vulvovaginal Society
  • American Association of Gynaecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL advancing minimally invasive gynaecology)
  • International Continence Society

Obstetrician Services

“Obstetric Specialist Services are now affordable - Zero Out of Pocket Obstetric Fees”
“Over 30 years Experience”
“Birth and Deliveries at the North West Private Hospital”

Welcome to Dr Martin D’Arcy-Evans Obstetric Services. You are either accessing this page as you have recently found out that you are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant. We are happy to help and genuinely passionate about assisting you with this exciting step and journey to new life.

Expert and Experienced Obstetric Specialist
Dr D’Arcy-Evans has extensive experience and expertise in Obstetric services and since 2005 at the North West Private Hospital has delivered over 2000 bundles of joy. His focus is on patient autonomy and respect throughout the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Dr D’Arcy-Evans provides all patients with the most up to date techniques and knowledge and offers the highest level of patient care. Consultation with Dr D’Arcy-Evans will range from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the stage of pregnancy (initial consultation approximately 1hr, antenatal and postnatal approximately 15min). Bulk billing don’t effect the level of services given by Dr D’Arcy-Evans and care provided is professional and patient focused. Patients should also feel reassured that they can always contact our clinic to discuss any issues or concerns they may have outside the appointment times.
Zero Out of Pocket Expenses

Dr D’Arcy-Evans utilises his experience and position as a respected senior obstetrician to offer privately insured obstetric patients ZERO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES, including bulk-billing of consultations and bulk billing of the planning and management fee. This offer is available to all patients that have private health insurance and must include private hospital cover. If you have questions on whether you have private hospital cover you will need to contact your health insurer directly. We are unable to access this information on your behalf. Zero out of pocket expenses for privately insured patients has only been made available since February 2016 as an effort to provide patients the option to access the experience and knowledge of a private specialist. This eliminates the large out of pocket cost that is traditionally absorbed by patients.

Obstetric Services
From the initial antenatal consultation through all antenatal visits, the planning and management service, and through to the postnatal visit—as a bulk billing obstetrician, all visits are bulk billed. Bedside Ultrasound and CTG fetal monitoring are available in the consulting rooms for antenatal checks and management and are provided free of charge. Deliveries are performed at the North West Private Hospital. Specialist services extend to the management of spontaneous labour and normal vaginal delivery, induced or assisted labour and Caesarean section either elective or emergency. The average hospital stay for vaginal delivery is four nights and five nights for Caesarean section.
All new patients must obtain a valid General Practitioner’s referral, to be received at or preferably prior your appointment. Appointments can be made by contacting his Dr D’Arcy­-Evans consulting rooms. "Become a Patient"
No Hidden Fee’s or Expenses

Obstetric services for all privately insured patients will not have any hidden fees or expenses. Additionally, patients will not have any upfront charges as all billings go directly to Medicare and patient health funds. Patients should be aware that they may have some costs and fee’s issued by separate service providers such as; Antenatal Screening of Blood, Pregnancy Scans, Anaesthetic Services or Paediatric Services. If you have any questions regarding the bulk billed services provided please contact us.

Listed below is a breakdown of standard fees for obstetric services:

Description of Service

Practice Fee




Initial Visit



$ 0.00

Antenatal Visits



$ 0.00

Planning & Management Fee - payable after 20 weeks



$ 0.00

Post-Natal Check

$ 36.55*


$ 0.00


Health Fund & Medicare Rebate

$ 0.00

*Pricing is subject to charge and will reflect any updates to rebate structures imposed by Medicare.

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Gynaecologist Services

“Insured Gynaecology patients over 60yrs will be billed “NO GAP” for hospital services and under 60yrs, “KNOWN GAP” or “NO GAP”.
“Over 30 years Experience – Respected, Compassionate and Professional”

Welcome to Dr Martin D’Arcy-Evans Gynaecology Services.

Gynaecology Services
Dr D’Arcy-Evans offers a wide range of general gynaecological services including colposcopy for abnormal Pap smears, minor gynaecology procedures in the office and management of vulval diseases. He has developed an additional special interest in UROGYNAECOLOGY with over 13 years’ experience, offering urodynamics studies, advanced prolapse repair techniques, advanced stress incontinence procedures, management of unstable bladder, in-house pelvic floor physiotherapy and laparoscopic pelvic surgery including hysterectomy. Services are provided in general gynaecology including the treatment of menstrual disorders, endometriosis, infertility, menopause and HRT, tubal ligation, insertion of the IUCD and endometrial ablation.
No Gap or Known Gap
Insured Gynaecology patients over 60yrs will be billed “NO GAP” for hospital services and under 60yrs, “KNOWN GAP” or “NO GAP and will be charged a concessional consultation fee. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss costs and fees for your individual circumstances.
All new patients must obtain a valid General Practitioner’s referral, to be received at or preferably prior your appointment. Appointments can be made by contacting his consulting rooms in Brisbane North—a convenient location for those in Everton Park “Become a Patient”

Patient Information

Patient Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send my account directly to Medicare or my health fund for claiming?

Yes, consultations are payable on the day and we claim directly on your behalf for the Medicare rebate via HIC on line into your bank account provided you have set this up.

Is there parking available?

There is free parking at all sites.

Do you fit IUCD?

Yes, Dr D’Arcy-Evans have been trained and accredited to perform this procedure. This can be done either in the consulting suite or hospital. More information on IUCD

What is Vulval Disease?

Click here for Patient Information

What hospitals do you operate from?

Obstetric patients are required to register with the North West Private Hospital on 1800 555 549 at around 12 to 15 weeks of pregnancy. Should bookings for delivery be required Dr D’Arcy-Evans and his staff will organise this in consultation with the patient.

Who books the hospital?

Dr D’Arcy-Evans only delivers at Northwest Private Hospital for all Obstetric patients. Gynaecology lists are at both North West Private Hospital and Caboolture Private Hospital.

Do you consult/operate at any other locations?

Dr D'Arcy-Evans principal consulting rooms are at North West Private Hospital, Ramsay Place Consulting Suites. Additionally he also consults out of the QML Specialist Centre at North Lakes and Caboolture Private Hospital.

Can my husband come along?

Absolutely, family members are most welcome.

Does Dr Martin D’Arcy-Evans perform tubal ligations?


Will Dr D’Arcy-Evans be available to deliver my baby?

Patients are advised of Dr D’Arcy-Evans availability for their confinement date or advised of his planned leave.

Who covers for Dr D’Arcy-Evans when he is away on leave?

In order to maintain safe working practices, Dr D’Arcy-Evans participates in an on-call roster with the following doctors: Dr Terry Sheahan, Dr Robert Watson, Dr John Howland, Dr Nam Bajra and Dr Vila Tuicolo. Patients are welcome to meet with these doctors during the antenatal period if required or refer here.

How do I care for my Pelvic Floor during Pregnancy?

Dr D’Arcy-Evans recommends that his patient download the Free APP, please click here to read some useful information regarding looking after your Pelvic Floor, Bladder and Bowel during and after pregnancy.

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Dr Martin D’Arcy-Evans - has 3 consulting rooms and his principle consulting suite is at North West Private Hospital


Suite G, Ramsay Place, 137 Flockton Street (PO Box 443), Everton Park QLD 4053

Caboolture Private Hospital, McKean Street, Caboolture Qld 4510

QML Specialist Centre, 10 Endeavour Boulevard, North Lakes QLD 4509

Fax: 07 3353 6951